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Meet UP (言語イベント) 

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| LANGUAGE EXCHANGE ランゲージカフェ 香芝英会話 , 柏原英会話

“Languages Cafe” holds daily language exchange events, with no specific level requirement for any language and free of charge for anyone.

“Language Exchange” is an event where participants take time to causally teach and learn each other’s languages. For example at “ENGLISH ONLY CAFE”, there are thirty minutes sessions alternating between English and Japanese conversation time, so that both language speakers have a chance to learn and teach a language. This is not only fun, but also a very effective method of acquiring a language.

During the language exchange, members will talk about topics of their choice. The conversations are conducted not one on one, but in small groups of three or four people so it is easier to engage in a conversation without it being awkward even for beginners of either language.

Although the main purpose of this event is for language learning, making friends here is also encouraged, and often times members will have small after parties to go get dinner or drinks.

What do students say about it?

“Great way to prepare for exams, meet new people and learn about foreign cultures!”

“It is wonderful to meet people of different walks of life and different levels of ability.”

“This is an amazing arrangement. People are helping each other and having fun. Really improves understanding and language speaking skills!”

“I’m happy to be here.”

“We are lucky to have the languages café. It is very friendly and allows us to improve our languages while having fun.”



「言語交換」とは、参加者が相互に言語を教えるためのイベントです。たとえば、「ENGLISH ONLY CAFE (エクスチェンジオンリーカフェ)」では、英語と日本語の会話時間が交互に30分になるため、両方の言語話者が言語を学習し、教える機会があります。これは楽しいだけでなく、言語を取得するための非常に効果的な方法です。











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